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Hotel Electronic Dnd Systems

It is now very easy to understand whether your guests are in the room or not...

When your guest does not want to be disturbed while he is in the room, by pressing the "Do not disturb" button on the interior control unit, the relevant icon in the room warning device in front of the door becomes active, or by pressing the "Make up room" button, he can activate the icon that he wants his room to be cleaned. In addition, the room number and your hotel's logo will rotate on the screen of your LCD room warning device.

By feeding the front-door warning device from the Energy Saver Relay Unit, simplicity, space advantage and ease of assembly are provided within the panel.

Electronic DND System Features

By displaying the room number with light, your guest can easily find their room, by displaying your hotel logo illuminated, contributing to the memory of your facility, by displaying the relevant symbol on the DND switch in the room, whichever of the "Do Not Disturb" and "Clean Room" buttons is pressed, making the work of both your guests and staff easier. It is a system that helps your staff by showing whether the room is full or empty, and makes a great contribution to the corridor lighting and interior architecture with its special design.

Electronic DND; Thanks to its feeding and control from the Energy Saver Relay Unit, simplicity, space advantage, ease of assembly and low cost are provided in the panel. It works with low voltage, it is safe. Touch or mechanical bell button can be added. In "Do Not Disturb" mode, the bell does not ring. Additional functions such as "Technical Service" or "Minibar Service" can be added. It is produced using materials such as wood, glass, acrylic or chrome. Desired LED colors can be used. It can also be applied to wooden or mirror door sills.