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Hotel Card Lock Systems

High security Mifare technology

• Encode a card at least 100,000 times and be able to use it 1,000,000 times thanks to the use of original Philips card.
• Card usage that is not affected by sun, magnetic field (mobile phone, speaker, etc.), sea water
• Long mechanical life thanks to the use of micro-motor and micro-switch with a minimum of 600,000 operating times
• Protection from physical intrusions and vandal attacks thanks to normally empty door handles
• Audio-visual warning when the door is not fully closed
• Effective lost card protection
• Ability to make maid cards that only certain rooms can be opened by certain personnel within specified hours
• 5-language, perfect security lock (ANSI)
• Maximum audit log with trace of last 992 entries (including mechanical key entry)
• Locking when the door is closed, mechanically locked from the inside
• Unauthorized personnel cannot open the door when it is locked from inside
• It can be applied instead of the old knob lock or card lock without the need to change the door
• Ability to work between -20/+70 degrees and 15/95% humidity
• Easy battery change
• Ability to open with a mechanical key in emergency situations
• Wireless easy setup
• Turkish - English software that can work on more than one computer at the same time
• Minimum data loss in case of computer failure thanks to automatic database backup
• One-click check-in / check-out thanks to the interactive card encoder
• Ability to open at least 15,000 times with 4 AA batteries thanks to efficient power management
• Audio-visual warning before the batteries run out, 100 times unlocking after that
• Installing the program only in the system setup, no need to install the program afterwards
• Chrome, matt chrome, stainless steel, gold, PVD color and coating options for 11 different models

Turkish - English Easy-to-Use Program

RF Card Lock Models

Card System Operation Logic

During the stay, the guest opens the room door by reading the card lock. It ensures that the energy of the room is active by inserting the card into the energy saver card slot (which only works with cards belonging to the facility, not any other card). In the meantime, the relevant symbol in the DND lights up, allowing the hotel staff to understand that there is a guest in the room. The guest activates "Do Not Disturb", "Clean Room" and other icons, if any, thanks to the DND switch. It is the Energy Saver-DND Relay Unit that manages all these functions.

As can be seen in the diagram, Energy Saver and Electronic DND Systems are connected to each other with a cable, while the Card Lock System is an integrated system that is technically connected due to the use of the same card and works integrated with each other.