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ETS Electronics and Furniture was established in 1998 in Antalya.

Since its establishment, it has more than 1800 hotel references throughout the country with its innovations and productions in the field of professional hotel technologies.

Our company is the leading company in the sector that produces special solutions in high-level projects with the innovations it has made in hotel & building electronics and furniture.

Our company has supported the increasing business potential with new investments and started to produce projects and furniture in the field of hotel and building furniture with architectural interior design support in 2011.

Together with its expert engineers and architects, the company has gained a place in the construction sector in a short time with its innovative designs, quality production and appropriate pricing policy in the hotel electronics and furniture sector.

In addition, we have strengthened our leadership in hotel technologies in our presence sensor and lighting automation production solutions that provide high energy savings, especially in the increasing energy costs of hotels with high bed capacity.

Our aim is high energy saving and technically supported high-end furniture solutions...